Julianne Grant

“I first consulted with Naturopath, Julianne Grant last year. For over 17 years I have battled the effects of several illnesses, including Arthritis, Gastritis and others. Julianne took her time to listen to my symptoms, my concerns and my ultimate goals and then devised a programme to suit me. What resonated with me the most was the amount of time & care Julianne took to build a treatment regime, diet & exercise program that was truly specific to me. I have been wrapped with the results. Gone are the stiff achy joints, sore stomach and daily pain that has restricted my life for many years. I still have some issues….let’s be honest, there are no “silver bullets” in life. However I can honestly say the benefits have been tangible and my friends and family have really noticed the difference in me!. What I have found to be fantastic is how easy it has been to follow the plan. A couple of supplements (not 100’s!), an easy to stick to diet and I am reaping the rewards. I highly recommend the Fitgenes genetic screening. It has given me a real basis of understanding as to what my body will and won’t respond to and a real impetus to stay on this path long term. An added bonus is the weight loss, without strenuous exercise! I have been so impressed by Julianne’s commitment to my cause that I referred my Husband Tim to her. In just 4 weeks he has lost over 10kgs and is a different man! Thank you Julianne for putting me on the straight and narrow…a path to true health. Bless!!” -Kate O.-

“Julianne is truly passionate about what she does, and is very adept at treating holisitically. Her approach is knowledgeable, professional and warm. She was able to pinpoint the causes of my digestive and adrenal symptoms and educate me around strategies to address them. Julianne structured a realistic and thoughtful client-based plan that resulted in success for me within a few days. She has inspired a new relationship for me with food and enabled me to make changes readily. Julianne used a number of different treatment modalities in my sessions with her to treat my issues, such as creating personalised herbal mixes, nutitional planning and creating approriate recipes. She has always been forthcoming with extra suggestions and goes above and beyond expectations. If you are looking for a health professional who is informed, intuitive and is genuine about their practise, see Julianne.” -Erin G.-

“Julianne has taken me on an incredibly interesting, informative and helpful journey to better health. I have learnt (and am still learning) what aggravates my symptoms and what relieves them. It is fascinating to think that what I put in my body has such an impact on my well being. Thank you for making me healthier and more aware.” -Lauren K.-

“I started seeing Julianne when I was having trouble conceiving. It was the one thing that gave me the sense of having some level of control over quite a stressful situation. Julianne set me up with Herbal treatments, and put my nutrition on the right track giving me the best possible chance of conception. Her empathy, knowledge and positive attitude further supported my challenges, leaving me feeling optimistic about the future. I’m excited to say that I’m now 28 weeks pregnant and believe that the treatments Julianne developed supported this pregnancy. My consultations with Julianne are now about looking after myself and the unborn baby through each trimester. My consultations won’t stop at this pregnancy, as I get real benefits from the nutritional support and Julianne keeping me accountable for my health & wellness. Thanks for your support, guidance and listening over the past 12 months.” -Hayley V.D.-

Suzanne McGrath

“Suzanne is a truly gifted healer. From the sessions I’ve had with her, I’ve had real shifts in emotional issues that I have been holding onto for a long time. I was amazed to get such immediate results, and it’s been really liberating. I can honestly say that the work I’ve done with Suzanne has made a huge difference in my life.” -Fiona C.-

“I am not exaggerating when I say that Suzanne has changed my life! I started seeing Suzanne purely because I wasn’t happy and I wasn’t as healthy as I could be either, I knew that there was a block somewhere inside of me that I could not shift. From the very first kinesiology session I have begun to feel much more in control of my own life and destiny, I truly understand my core issues and how to overcome them (which I am doing!), and I am consistently filled with joy and hope. I love that Suzanne is able to gently reach the core beliefs that have been holding me back so we can then deal with them, and gratefully release them. She is empathetic, generous, understanding and professional, I feel completely safe in these sessions. Kinesiology is a modality that I will continue to utilise for a very long time; its way of healing has been deeply profound for me. I have referred many of my friends to see Suzanne, she is a pure gem that the world needs to have!” -Julie G.-

“I went to Suzanne on the recommendation of a friend. She has helped me to release old hurts, resentments, and anger that I was not even aware I was holding. When she is working with you, she is able to find things in your lifetime that have been causes of the problems in the present. I have learned from Suzanne that holding on to negative things can cause illness in your body. Releasing these negative things allowed me to feel happier, more relaxed, and peaceful. Working with Suzanne has allowed me to change feelings from my past and forgive myself and others. Every session I learn something new. She has a gentle and caring manner and her expertise and knowledge of her profession is truly amazing.” -Jenny G.-

“I recently visited Suzanne with the aim of seeing if Kinesiology could help me be a better and calmer mum. In short, Suzanne was awesome and I saw immediate results! She understood my issues (without judgment) and we focused on me not getting angry at the kids as quickly or as often. From the time I left her clinic I felt more in control of my emotions and some of the key “anger” times with the kids (like getting them to eat breakfast/dinner) didn’t get me worked up. Aside from having a calmer household the best thing is that I feel that I am enjoying spending more time with the kids, and their behaviour is beginning to be better too, so we are all winning!” -Chris B.-

“Suzanne has helped me get clear and present about what I really want to achieve in life and what may be blocking my ability to secure success and happiness in those areas. Not only do I feel more grounded and in tune with what I want and how to work towards creating a positive environment regarding future goals, but I better understand the co-relation between mind and body and how ultimately I am the controller of both. I am genuinely thankful to Suzanne for being instrumental in helping me rediscover my life potential. I feel positive and excited about our future collaboration and what is yet to come.” -Jill B.-