Kylie Nicholls


Kylie NichollsI have always been fascinated and amazed by the human body, it’s structure, it’s function and it’s ability to perform and recover in many and varied situations.

A physical education teacher by trade (with a degree in Education and Human Movement). I have worked over the last 20 years with a wide range of people promoting health, fitness, well-being and performance in the roles of educator, facilitator, mentor and coach.

Over these years, like many, I have experienced first-hand the impact that stress (physical, nutritional and emotional) can have on the body in terms of physical injury and chronic health conditions. Being a very physically oriented person, my focus for a very long time was always on healing via more physical and structured means, including a reliance on medications – frustratingly without or with only very temporary results. Thankfully through reading, research and moving outside my comfort zone to try other more holistic modalities, including kinesiology I began to discover and understand the importance and benefits of a more integrated and holistic approach.

What I love about kinesiology and being a kinesiologist is not only the power of integrating physical, nutritional and emotional health, but that I am once again fascinated and amazed with the human body, in particular, it’s natural ability to heal and to know what is needed to bring itself back into balance. Being able to tailor specific sessions for individuals based on their issues and goals, whilst facilitating a journey back into a more balanced state I find is such a privilege and rewarding experience. I just love sharing the wonder of kinesiology.


Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live.

At Healthy Kinect Kylie can work with you to tap into your body’s natural healing potential and tailor sessions to support your individual health, lifestyle, well-being and performance goals using a wide range of kinesiology techniques, including:

• Muscle Balancing
• Postural Analysis
• Acupressure
• Reflex Points
• Lymphatic Massage
• Specific Body Movements
• Nutritional Testing
• Energy Work
• Emotional Stress Release

Specialising in:

• Acute and Chronic Pain
• Postural Analysis and Balancing
• Movement and Muscular Imbalances
• Nutritional Testing and Balancing
• Hormonal Balancing
• Allergy and Sensitivity Balancing
• Improving Energy Levels
• Stress Management
• Improving Sleep and Relaxation

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Phone: 0409 780 611