Jennie de Varga

jennie-de-vargaChannelled Healers (Reiki, Sekhem and Crystal Healing)

Are you stressed and worn out ?
Would you like to feel peaceful and relaxed?
Are you tired and would like increased energy levels?
Are you stuck in old patterns and would like your life to change?
Do you feel like you have taken a wrong turn in your life and would like to get back on track?

Allow Jennie to introduce you to the gentle but powerful energies of Reiki, Sekhem and Crystals.
A session with Jennie is deeply relaxing, and rejuvenating. Her unique gentle combination of healing modalities and wisdom, enhances a deeply relaxing session, bringing about a renewed sense of wellbeing, a connection to the divine, and a greater sense of self. The cleansing and clearing of your chakras and aura assists you in feeling more alive and determined to be more present in this world.

What is Reiki ?
Briefly, Reiki, pronounced ‘Ray Key’ , it’s meaning, ‘Universal Life Force’. Reiki is exactly that, the life force that is universal. It is in everything and everyone, sustaining life as we know it. A Reiki Practitioner has the knowledge to channel this subtle energy for the purposes of healing the multi layers of our human being. The life force is channelled in a way that it goes directly to the areas of the being that need cleansing, clearing, support, healing and re energising. Reiki is usually performed with hands on or off the body, in various positions relating to the chakras (energy systems) of the body. Reiki also facilitates the healing process of connecting to our true self, and the divine, which then becomes a wonderful support for our journey.

What is Sekhem ?
Sekhem, pronounced ‘Say Kem’ and sometimes spelt ‘Secheim’, is another form of channelled healing which has originated from Egyptian times. Also, the ‘Universal Life Force’ from an alternative understanding and awareness. For me Sekhem is a very powerful tool, and healing radiates straight to the issue that needs it, cleansing and clearing all manner of energetic blocks that one may have connected to in this life.

Healing with Crystals
I incorporate Crystals into my healing work. Crystals have a energy and vibration of their own. Crystals assist in many ways on many levels. My Crystals have been cleansed and cleared and programmed to assist you for your highest good when you are receiving a healing.


      • The healing I received from Jennie was a nurturing & profoundly uplifting experience. Through both the healing guidance & the loving kindness I received I left my session feeling significantly revitalised & nourished. I would passionately recommend Jennie’s service to anyone seeking healing, guidance, nurturance or support & have deep respect for her integrity as a healer & therapist.
        3/11/2015 – Steph Arvanitakis, (Victoria).
      • “After a tough few months of many challenges being thrown at me, I paid Jennie a visit. Desperate to renew my energy levels to not only continue to give to others but also have some energy ‘left for me’, I started my session with Jennie tearful, exhausted and defeated. An hour later, I literally ‘skipped’ home feeling so amazingly fantastic that I had all this new energy – absolutely like my body and soul had been resting and being pampered for weeks! Jennie has now helped me several times and it is always a pleasure to visit her, knowing that she will be professional, nurturing and supportive on every level – always a magical and positive experience in every way. Thanks Jennie for giving me back my strength and energy to sustain everyday life.”
        07/11/2015 – Alison Fitzgerald, (Warburton).

My Experience:

      • 10 years experience practising intuitive and crystal healing on family and friends.
      • Four years experience practising Reiki and Sekhem healing professionally.
      • Four years experience sending distance healings to NZ, UK, Dublin, Western Australia, etc.
      • Reiki I Certificate.
      • Reiki II Certificate.
      • Masters Reiki Certificate.
      • Masters Sekhem Certificate.
      • A member of ’The Reiki Association of Australia Inc’.
      • Applied First Aid HLTCPR211A, HLTFA201B, HLTFA311A.
      • Victorian Police check.
      • Working with children police check.
      • Creation of energetic vibrational essences to assist healing on all levels.
      • Business Development Course, Certificate 4 in Small Business Management.
      • Assisting in the developmental stages of children with a understanding of Steiner education.

To make an appointment call Jennie on 0438 706 135
Locations: Fitzroy and Warburton.